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Abanti weekenbag

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Finally, after 4 years, I have managed to get ready with the bags and another milestone has been reached. These bags I have designed to fit most Abanti garments you have from before. These bags are so exclusive that there are only 4 pieces of each color and size. If you buy a bag, you will receive a box and a protective net. When the bag isnt in use, I recommend closing the zipper and placing it upright in a shelf, or in the net and the box, to keep the bag in right shape.

The bag is in leather. The handles are held together with a magnetic button. There are many rooms in the bag and in the largest bag there is room for a PC, documents and lots and lots more. The bags also comes with shoulder strap.

Then I hope you will be satisfied with your bag. Would love to have your feedback, so that I can include your recommndt next time I produce something as exclusive as this <3

Measurements big Abanti bags:

Height: 30 cm (total height with handles 50 cm)

Length: 39 cm

Width at bottom: 17 cm